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Omni Systems Associates has been providing ON SITE computer service for more than 15 years. We service all types of IBM compatible personal computers (sorry no APPLE/MACINTOSH) and older DEC systems such as PDP8, PDP11, and MicroVax systems. We carry a full line of spare parts for the above mentioned systems as well as most of the parts required to upgrade these systems (faster CPU, more memory, larger hard disk drives). Service can be provide on a "per-call" basis at a rate of $95/hour with a two hour minimum, or via a service contract arrangement. Service contracts are based on a percentage of the suggested retail purchase price - typically in the range of 2% per month (or replacement cost over a five year period).

We can provide other on site services such as software installation and network configuration, installation or support. We have sophisticated equipment for troubleshooting, testing and certifying networks such as the Microtest COMPAS (for troubleshooting and testing Novel, Microsoft and Unix networks), the Microtest Pentascanner for certifying CAT5 wiring installations, RS232 line monitors for troubleshooting communications problems, digital recording oscilloscopes up to 200 Mhz, logic analyzers, telephone test equipment and line simulators, and much more. We have technicians and consultants available who can handle any type or software or hardware problems on a broad range of hardware platforms.

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On Site Services for Most of Northern New Jersey
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