Safety First Driving & Safety Certification Software

Our Safety First software will make all of your record keeping for safety certifications as easy as possible. It will maintain all training records as required for any government, insurance company or state safety council certifi- cations. This same software can also be used by those who teach the state authorized defensive driving courses.

Our Defensive Driving Course Manager (DDCM) eliminates the many hours spent typing course and student information into rosters and certificates. The program automatically cross checks students and driver license numbers for fraud and course eligibility. DDCM saves you time and money by printing certificates correctly the first time, by tracking "No Shows" and non payers, and by keeping you better informed about your cash flow.


Safety First and DDCM include the following features:


Custom modifications are available to allow this software to be used in other safety certification programs such as CPR, First Aid, swimming/life saving, police/fire training, health/medical certifications and any other application which requires ongoing training and certification of your employees, volunteers or other personnel.

For use with IBM-PC or compatible. Requires 80286 or higher CPU, running DOS 3.0 or later with at least 1Mb of RAM and 5Mb of available hard disk space. More memory and faster processors will of course improve performance, and more disk space may be needed for users that have a large number of students records. Support for more than 140 printers provided, as well as support for dual printers (dot matrix and laser at the same time).

Technical support is available by phone, FAX, BBS, e-mail (with file attachments) and modem "on line".


DDCM is a licensed product of Liana Software and is distributed exclusively by:

Omni Systems Associates

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